Who can benefit from Semi-Permanent Make-Up?

How long does Semi-Permanent Make Up last?

Semi-Permanent make up can last for several years but is dependent on certain factors including which treatment and colour chosen, skin type, lifestyle and sun exposure. But as a general rule most treatments should be refreshed every 12 months to keep colour looking new and fresh. Refreshes cost less than the full price treatment as it does not include a top-up.

Does it hurt?

For most discomfort is minimal, as numbing cream is applied to keep the client comfortable and relaxed from start to finish.

Leanne Cleary Semi-Permanent Make Up FAQ

How long does treatment take?

Treatments take around 90 minutes to 2 hours. Full discussion on shape and colour is given; shape is measured and drawn on before pigment is applied. When client is happy with both shape and colour the procedure begins. Client can see treatment as it progresses. Full aftercare is then given.

How quickly will it heal?

The treated area will take approximately 4 to 7 days to heal. Colour will look a little darker and more intense during the healing process. Immediately after treatment the skin around the treated area may be a little pink, this will disappear after an hour or so. Please note that photographs in the gallery are taken immediately after treatment and will show these after effects. Colour of treated area will soften after a few days.